Many years ago while visiting the Temple of Isis in Egypt, I experiences an extreme calm. That experience was repeated in Turkey when I visited the last known home of Mary, the Mother of Jesus. It is my belief that these particular religious sites are peaceful because over the centuries, women pray there for peaceful things, especially for a safe delivery of an unborn child.

This morning I read of another peaceful place, the Golden Temple in India. In the 70’s this place was bloodied by the troops of Indira Gandhi. However, in recent times it is a great soup kitchen run by Sikhs for people of all faiths. The amazing number of 80,000 marks the number of persons fed in one day. Equally amazing is the fact that all of the work is done by volunteers of all faiths. Upper cast Hindus can be found scrubbing floors or chopping vegetables, tasks that they would not do at home as they would be considered those tasks to be done by lower cast members, even though politically, India is a secular state in which the cast system was abolished years ago.

Friends reported to me that they have found moments of peace in some of the great cathedrals of the world. It is too bad that we cannot bottle the molecules of peace, no matter where they are found, to drink when ever one feels angry or hateful.

Hats off to the Golden Temple in Amritsar, India.

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