A Shared Space

One good thing about owning a time share that no one else wants to buy, it gives a single woman a place to invite guests to stay for a day or so. My brother visited one week-end.

My brother is an artist. He started as a photographer, did a bit of acting, combinded photography with computer graphics, tried voice over, then was captivated by the art of teaching.

Unmarried, he spends a great deal of time following the unwritten rule to become the best in whatever field of art that he is in at the moment. This man, I believe, needed a day or so at the beach. And, apart from having to ride 24 stories on a packed elevator which made stops at at least every other floor, he had the opportunity to relax that sun and sand offer to the driven.

Long periods of casual time with a single relative engenders remembrences and confidence sharing. Sometimes you learn more than you wanted to know; sometimes you reveal more of yourself than intended. Fortunately, the stuff of a brief encounter is usually tucked away in a storage closet of the brain. Thus, when brought out, it becomes legendary or mythical – not exactly truthful, nor painful.

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2 Responses to A Shared Space

  1. richhillenjr says:

    I like your theory here. It rings true. I learn from you most of all the past few years.

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