For several years I believed that the War on Drugs has been a sham.  In his OP-Ed piece “Follow the Dirty Money” in the New York Times, published on September 13, 2010, Robert Mazur helped to support my theory.  Mazur explains the difficulty that the government faces trying to track “dirty” money through a world-wide banking system that disguise the movement of billions of dollars through wire transfers from one country to another.  Even after law enforcement spends years tracing the routes of said dollars, bankers simply say that they do not know where the money came from. Thus, individual bankers avoid prosecution.  The government accepts a few million dollars in fines on behalf of the tax payers; and, the game goes on.  One banking system alone, in one year, moved 400 billion for account holders in Mexico.

Legend has it that President Harry S. Truman placed on his desk in the Oval Office the motto, “The Buck stops here.”  Here was a man willing to take on the responsibilities of his actions.  He dropped two atomic bombs and fired a popular general.  And, yes, lost an election.  The bankers of today have twisted that motto.  Their motto seems to be, “The Bucks stop here”.  We take no responsibility for how they got here.  Just try to prosecute us.

The bankers are bad enough, but no one who passed through the era of “Sex, drugs and Rock ‘n Roll” is guiltless in the failure to stop billions of dollars of drug money from falling into the hands of people who use them for mayhem and murder. Sports figures, singers, and movie stars and movies often glamorize the recreational use of illegal substances.  As a result, individuals use drugs to try to reach the euphoria described by famous or notorious figures in reality and in fiction.  People who publically condemn the recreational use of illegal substances are too often shouted down by insecure, immature persons who are passing through or who are fixated in the rebellion against authority stage of human development.  As members of a free, democratic, capitalistic society we must ask ourselves, “How long can we sustain this sham war if we remain in collusion with the enemy?”

The Romans gave us the rule of law.  If we do not sustain it, we lose it.  Mayhem and murder will have won.

There will be no Monday Morning Blog from this site on Monday, September 27.

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