On the Road Again

My saga is not as sprightly as that of Willie Nelson, but some times it seems just as serendipitous.  I had no set plans for June.  Oh, yes, I signed up for a week at my timeshare in Atlantic City, hoping that by the time that June rolled around, the time-share would be sold.  No such luck.  Consequently, I must take a week off my regularly scheduled life to spend a week in a lovely apartment overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.  Although the place is beautiful and the scenery calming, spending the week alone can get a little lonely (funny, I never feel lonely in my home in town).  Anyway, I have invited a few people to come down for the day.  The place has a well-appointed restaurant over-looking the ocean in which I can entertain at 20% off!

Last winter, I agreed to travel to Santa Fe with a friend who  recently lost her husband.  Did I know that this trip would occur in June? In fact, I fly out of my home town three days after I return from the shore.  My plane tickets are purchased, my friend is securing the hotel and the transportation from the airport to the center of town.  Although my friend does not travel much, she is very capable of making all kinds of arrangements.  Besides, she is one of the two people who I know that can wrest more from a dollar than 90% of the rest of humanity.

Since I leave tomorrow, I am getting this blog in as I do not intend to enter any other words of wisdom or of idiocy for the next two weeks.

Went to a wonderful presentation on friendship last evening.  Hopefully, I will remember to write about it when I have more time.  Must spend the rest of the day packing, etc.

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