Suspending Logic

As human beings, no matter how Type A, techie, geekie, anal retentive, we may be, there are times in our lives when we willingly suspend logic to ride the mental boarders of the unknown, to subject ourselves to unforeseeable outcomes, to hope for heightened experiences in fear or in love.  We do it quasi-willingly as when in a hypnogogic state, hearts pounding, we enter our dreams to actively share in surprise conclusions; we take mind altering drugs to reshape our inner, and hopefully, our outer worlds.  Why is it then that, not only the most reserved among us, but the most liberal too often will not suspend logic long enough to experience faith in God?

With very few exceptions, every member of the human race has experienced one kind of love or another.  From filial to passionate love there are moments when we do for another that which defies reason.  We deprive ourselves so that our loved ones may have food or shelter; we go into burning buildings, or dive into deep waters to save another human; we throw ourselves over a child in gale force winds.  This emotion that we call love transcends time and culture.  It is transformative to the giver and to the receiver.  Love is the beginning and the end of God.  Why do we use reason to deny the existence of the source of the most enlightened, peace generating, illogical emotion, Love?

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2 Responses to Suspending Logic

  1. Greg says:

    Nicely said, Terry!
    Great to be with you, Greg

    • Greg, thank you for takng the time to read my last blog. The next one will be less thought provoking. It will, however, be about your favorite city in the US, Santa Fe.
      Again, thank you for taking Laura and I into the hills and other places in the region.

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