On Your Way to Santa Fe

A friend and I just returned from a week in Santa Fe where we enjoyed every aspect of the city.  If you are planning a trip to this city rich in history and culture, here are a few things to help you have a wonderful experience. 

First of all, if you suffer from any significant problems of heart or lung, you should get your doctor’s approval before buying plane tickets,etc.  There is such a disease as “altitude sickness”.  Santa Fe is 7,000 feet above sea level.  Many people experience this disease in one way or another, from shortness of breath for a few hours to requiring hospitalization.  Those who feel no symptoms will do themselves favors by not drinking alcohol nor over-eating for at least 24 hours.

Santa Fe is second only to New York in the US for the sale and exchange of art work.  It is an art lovers Mecca.  Not only are there several art museums and  dozens, if not scores of art galleries, art is everywhere.  We found a wonderful $6,000,000.00 permanent exhibition in the Capital Building!  In addition, the rotunda of the building has space for rotating exhibitions.  Rotating exhibitions can also be found in the public library and in the convention center.

Early Spanish missionaries left an imprint on the city with several old churches.  Saint Michael’s, the oldest church in the US is currently being restored.  Community members have made adobe bricks to shore up one wall.  While we were there, the bricks were drying in the sun and the dry air.  Restoration of the now called Guadalupe Church is completed, as is that of the great Saint Francis Cathedral.  Visits to all of the above should be included for anyone interested in history.  The Loreto Church, once part of the complex of the Sisters of Loreto, dates back to 1850, not as old as the others, but it has its own special feature. 

The story goes something like this.  toward the end of the 19th century, the sisters put a choir loft in the church.  A ladder was not sufficient for getting into the loft.  The sisters did what they always did, they prayed for an answer to their problem.  One day an itinerant carpenter showed up and said that he could build a stair case for the loft.  When the staircase was finished, the carpenter disappeared.  No one then or now could duplicate the engineering which sustained the spiral design. The stair case was used for the next 75 years.  Although not used today, the stair case remains and engineering miracle.

Santa Fe is a walking city; however, to get to the galleries on Canyon Road, we took the free shuttle with runs every 15 minutes from convenient locations throughout the city.  In addition, the public bus which leaves from Sheridan Street (near the down-town art museum) costs $1.00 per ride for seniors; $2.00 for all others.  It will take you to Museum Hill where you will find four museums. 

Food and drink are plentiful.  Must go now. Enjoy!


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