Dog-Gone it!

My aunt and uncle always had a dog.  More often than not, it was one of those pug-nosed varieties that dripped snot from its nose and saliva from its tongue.  Like my mother, I was a people lover who never, to this day, understood the time, patience and affection lavished on the animals, especially by people who had money, kids and all other accoutrements associated with successful, happy lives.

Over the years, I have mellowed just a bit to forgive the elderly who dote on dogs or other pets to keep themselves connected to reality.  Something else has changed with regard to my view of  the caring given to domestic animals, particularly dogs. Disgust has become caustic irony, a less emotional, more cerebral response.

The other day  an article in the New York Times caught my eye.  It seems that airlines will not allow those dogs with pug noses fly commercially as their breathing, due to their flat nostrils, fosters a kind of bacteria that causes lung diseases in humans.  However, the owners of these breeds have found solutions to this problem: 1. the noses of the dogs may be operated on in order to help the dog breathe better thereby preventing the growth of the dangerous bacteria or 2. the owners can charter airplanes to move their pets from one local to another.

How emotionally and intellectually crippled have some humans become?  They will spend thousands to change or move a dog who has no say in the matter.  Some of those same people want save the environment by waving green flags, protect the human species from over population by supporting abortion and vote for politicians who cut funding for education. Is there any room on the moon for an old lady who wants to contemplate the next world in peace before the irony she feels in this world turns to bitterness?  Dog-Gone it!

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