Yesterday, I saw the movie  The Mighty Macs.  Like “Rudy”, “Hoosiers”, “Rocky”, etc. this movie is a modern-day Cinderella story of the triumph of the “little guy”.  The movie is quite entertaining.  This, in spite of the fact that it does not contain any sex, violence, gratuitous humor nor sophomoric vocabulary.  Of course, the theme is intended to inspire, which is does.  However, the theme and the plot were of minor interest to me.

The story, based on that of the coach who led the Mighty Macs of Immaculata University to be the first National Girls’ Basketball Championship winners; and, who continued to lead the Mighty Macs to two additional winners of the national championship, takes place on the university campus.  I graduated from Immaculata long before the championship team.

It was a pleasure to visit the campus on a wide-screen.  The images brought back some of the fondest memories of my life.  Aside from the physical natural and architectural beauty of the campus, the spiritual beauty of the girls and the nuns who inhabited the place calmed, yet enchanted my spirit.  The film makes reference to the fact that being among women dedicated to a purpose, inspired the team.  I tend to agree.  But, because I lived on campus day in and day out, my appreciation goes deeper than the film version. 

In the classrooms, the nuns who taught us loved their subject matter just a little less than God.  They brought a fervent passion to calculus, physics, history, drama, etc. that captivated the student body – well, at least this student.  No wonder I changed my major three times!

One particularly poignant memory occurred on a sultry spring evening.  My dorm room that semester overlooked a quadrangle.  One evening, just after dusk, a Puccini area came drifting through my opened window.  Curious about the source of this beautiful music, I looked out of the window to see a music student standing in the middle of the quadrangle singing her heart out to the moon.  The sound enhanced by reverberating off of the surrounding buildings, lifted my eyes and my spirit from the singer to the moon and its surrounding universe.  In my room that night, safe in my surroundings, I felt like an unborn child, secure in the womb, but with the challenges of the entire universe waiting patiently for me to look up.

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