Ernie Pyle, Hero





Indiana State Museum

650 W. Washington Street

Indianapolis, IN 46204


The following is included in a letter that I wrote to the State Museum of Indiana.  Names have been deleted; sentiments, have not. For the edification of any reader of this blog, Ernie Pyle was a foreign correspondent who wrote in a human interest manner about the men fighting for the Allies during World War II.

As a precocious youth, my late husband looked forward to reading the World War II reports of Ernie Pyle.  It saddened his young heart greatly when news of Mr. Pyle’s death at the hand of the enemy in 1945 became apparent to all. My husband was among the first to see The Story of G.I. Joe, the story of Ernie Pyle, when it first came out in movie theaters throughout the country.  In years to come, my spouse never missed a rerun of the film on television.  Heroes of one’s youth tend to remain so for years to come.

My husband  went on to become an art professor and an artist.  Beloved by his students and colleagues, the college Art Gallery was named the****** Gallery in 2010. 

As the Director of the ****** Gallery and the executor of my husband’s estate, I am certain that he would be pleased to know that four of his works are here-by donated to the Indiana State Museum to be used in any manner in which the Director/Curator sees fit to help raise funds to preserve the Ernie Pyle legacy.


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