Peachy Paterno

Peachy Paterno is the name given to a specific ice-cream made at the Creamery on the Penn State campus.  Of course, as many other flavors, that ice-cream was named for a favorite son, the great Coach Paterno.

The Coach seems to have fallen on hard times.  I hope that the Creamery will not change the name of peach ice-cream because public opinion, which everyone knows, is as fickle as “La Donne…” raises its loud, but often ill-advised voice.  Governor Corbet is one of the fickle who should listen to himself.


The good Governor wants to pass a law that would make it an offense to see a “crime” being committed and not try to stop it.  Oh, yes, I suppose he means just in the cases of perceived child abuse.  (Not to mention that the legal standing of eye witnesses is being down-graded as proof of any crime.)

All of these “holier-than-thou” loud mouths ought to stop and think.  When did any one of them jump into a verbal or physical fight when the perpetrator was definitely morally wrong?  Did any of them have the guts to even tell the boss when they heard some one in the office break the law by making a sexist or racial remark by the water cooler? 

What should I have done when I saw a thief steal a ladies’ pocketbook and run off with it?  Should I have chased him down?  What about the time that I saw a group of youths tilt over a car?  Should I have gotten out of mine and attempted to chase them off?  Should any women with a knife at her throat attempt to stop a rapist?

Also, how many of us keep our mouths shut to save what we perceive as a “greater good”, or to save our own jobs?  Yes, child abuse is a horror.  Should we report it to our superiors?  Of course we should! Should we go over our superiors’ heads to report what someone else told us (hear-say), no way!

So, Paterno has feet of clay.  So what?  He never asked to be canonized.  His job was to win football games for a great institution.  That he did.  All of us, especially those of us with the biggest mouths, should do our jobs so well.


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