Many years ago, I did some research into the fild of gifted children.  I rember reading a study that a couple did on trying to find what gifted (leaders in field) adults had in common.  One of the results of their study done on successful adults from the 1930’s and 1940’s, more or less, was that certain catagories of giftedness could be traced to different kinds of childhood experiences.  Successful addults with small up-heavals in their childhoods became social leaders or actors.  Successful muscians and scientists/inventors had very stable childhoods. 

In American society today, 40% of all children are born into one parent homes.  Of the rest, according to Charles Murrey, only 20% live in stable homes ( my interpretation).  The family unit, as understood for centuries, no longer exists for a large part of the population.  Yet, we continue to look to schools to produce the scientists and innovators needed for future economic growth in this country.  The public schools in this country are a reflection of the rest of American society.

Tiger mothers are rediculed in newspapers and on talk shows.  Yet, their children are highly successful in any field they choose.  THe rest of society aborts unwanted children; fights legilation that would force parents to provide health insurance for their children instead of buying the latest cable game or electronic communication devise;  allows fathers/men in their 40’s to drop off the radar; insists that every person.

Will add to this later. 

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