My Roku

About 6  months ago, I added a little gizmo to my TV which allowed me to watch NetFlix on the TV in my bedroom, my preferred place to watch old movies and old TV shows.  This convenience is both a blessing and a curse.

I love good stories.  Sometimes I read them; sometimes, I watch them.  Over the years my definition of a “good story” has changed.  Critically acclaimed book long ago blipped off my radar.  Most recently, any movie or TV show with excessive violence, prolonged depression or smut laddened dialogue has been “x’ed” from my “good” list, even if it is critically acclaimed.  A great deal of the “x’ing” has to do with the fact that for the last three years I watch my TV set alone.  Since my Roku enhanced television watching is done before I go to bed,  I do not wish to be over-stimulated by violence or depressed by angst before drifting off to sleep.  Therefore, my “good” movies tend to be older British comedy or detective productions, or older American comedy or private investigator productions.

A few months ago, believe it or not, I watched all 100+ episodes of Bones.  The gory parts did not bother me because they helped to demonstrate the work of real forensic anthropologists.  The two main characters with two different philosophies remained caring, close friends throughout all of the seasons without descending into cheesy romance.

Right now, I am watching Magnum, PI.  I enjoy the interplay of the characters, none of whom take themselves too seriously.  I am also amused by the silly high-pitched laugh of that handsome hunk, Magnum.  The inclusion of the audience through asides, winks and knowing grins helps the viewer to enter into the play (show).  I find the whole preposterous setting and the assorted regulars warmly amusing.  I watch at least one episode a day – curse it – sometimes a few episodes a day.  It is a regular tonic which, taken too often, may rot the brain!

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