NJ – A Solar State

New Jersey installed more solar capacity in the first quarter of 2012 than any other state.  It leads the nation in solar installations.  Here’s the rub.  The supply of solar power has now surpassed demand – at least in New Jersey.  The governor is now trying to pass a law that requires power companies to purchase more solar power.  The Mid-Atlantic Solar Energy Industries Association points out that the measure does not do enough to control an over-supply situation. So, how about selling the power out-of-state? Ag-g-rh!  And we are worried about China producing cheap solar panels; or, India creating more complex electrical installations; or the federal government becoming more involved in the production of sustainable, affordable power?  Is this an example of private industry not being able to fix itself?  What a surprise! Hopefully, some smart entrepeneur will figure out how to make a profit out of the mess.  When he/she becomes a billionaire, the government, state or federal, will step in to at least cash in on some of the revenue generated.  Sigh!


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