Do Women Adapt Better Than Men?

The liberal press is quick to point out that Mitt Romney, Republican candidate for president, is not in  touch with the large segments of the population of the United States.  Here are two statistics that make me wonder if anyone really know what large segments of the population are experiencing, let alone why.

First, more women are graduating with master’s degrees than men.  According to a new book by Hanna Rosen “The End of Men” one reason that this is happening because women are more adaptable than men.  Women have adapted to the new social order that allows women to climb the organizational ladder and to engage in sex for fun.  In the mean time, men are waiting for the old order to return.  So much for the intellectual side of life.

On the other side of the tracks, women, particularly white women,  who do not graduate from college are dyeing more quickly than they were five or so years ago.  One reason offered is that poor white women, poor because they lack the skills to make a better living for themselves and their children, do not have health care coverage.  Could it be that poor women have bought into the myth that every woman is a “super woman”?  They do not need men, except for sex, of course; nor, do they nor their children need God.  Or, is it because men between the ages of 25 – 56 are dropping out of the work force and are using the disability and the Medicaid money that might/could/should be going to poor children? 

All of the above is stated in basic terms.  It is intended to stimulate questions about how we live today.  Here are a few. What have we who are closer to the end of life done to our children?  Have we sacrificed our sons in preference to our daughters?  Have we set our children out in a basket on the river, like Moses, with no direction?  Have we crucified the Son of God again?  Have we done either of these things in the name of freedom?  Mitt isn’t the only one who is confused.

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