A friend of mine owns and operates a consulting company.  The company  specializes in management improvement through such tools as evaluations and/or management technics for private enterprises.  She also provides the same services to organizations.  In addition, her company helps organizations find funding.

At the end of a brief phone call the other day, my friend stated that she was busy packing for a business trip to Europe.  I asked her what she was going to do in Europe.  She said that she was working with a group that was looking for educational funding.  Although I knew that she didn’t have much time, I asked her something like, “Educational funds for what?” No sooner was the question out of my mouth than I realized that it sounded a little strange.  However, her answer topped me for strangeness.  She responded, “… to help men who have lost faith.”  That response only prompted more questions which might take more than a brief phone conversation to answer. So, I politely bade adieu and hung up.

Questions just keep rolling around in my head.  The most obvious – faith in what – himself, others, the Euro, a political system, God?  Surely the fields of psychology, theology, sociology, etc., etc. might provide better solutions.  Then I remembered that one task the committee on which my friend served and for which my friend is qualified to do was to find funds.  That made sense, to a degree.  I still am having trouble with “lost faith”.

Europe is probably the only place on earth that a group would concern itself with providing some kind of “education” for men who lost faith.  I cannot see the Middle East or China using that nomenclature.  North Americans are likely to interpret the concept as having a religious basis. 

What replaces lost faith?  Ennui, nihilism, depression, isolation are just a few possibilities. What ever it is, it cannot be good for the individual, nor for society. Could it be that modern Western men are trying to find themselves ( with or without faith) in an increasingly feminine world?  How ironic is it that half of the committee trying to find funding are women?  When my friend returns from Europe, I’ll try to find some answers, if I remember the questions.


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