Have we become a nation of milksops?  In our efforts to tolerate all religions, to respect all Peoples, to be understanding of all life-styles, and to speak only political correctly, have we become a nation of ninnies?  A bus driver that I met while waiting to be called in to see a doctor lamented the fact that his 26-year-old daughter, studying to become a teacher while working part-time as a security guard, could not find a decent boy-friend.  In his words, “All young men are Mama’s boys.”  He has a point.

In a nation where the pornographic film industry makes more money annually than the entertainment film industry; where every college student knows where to get illegal drugs; where high school students send pictures of their genitalia over the either; where soccer mom’s seduce generals; where a significant portion of the population thinks that freedom means “entitlement”, where abortion is regarded as a form of birth control, we whine over such things as starving puppies, not having a date for the junior prom and whether calling a person of a different ethnic than oneself “stupid” is a racial slur.

What prompted this mini tirade was an article that I skimmed in the NY Times on some problems raised by gay marriage. The problems are not worth mentioning right now.  What caught my eye was what seemed to me to be the new definition of marriage.  The words “committed relationship” sent me into orbit.  Are committed relationships like mother and child, or as mother gets older, child and mother; brother and sister; blind man and dog: (am I allowed to say that?)? What happened to marriage being something like a contract to be faithful to each other and  to beget and to raise children?  Why do the majority have to change a definition because same-sex couples want to get “married”?  What is the matter with ” partnership” under the law?  Partners can inherit without paying taxes, can be covered under one or the other’s insurance, etc.  In my opinion, when a same-sex couple can “beget and raise children” that couple can marry.  In the mean time, they should stop whining! 



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