Herod asked the three kings to up-date him on the whereabouts of the infant king when they found Him.  Herod, the king said that he wanted to pay his respects, too.  Of course, Herod had other plans for anyone whom he suspected of wanting to take away his kingship.  Those plans became evident when the three kings chose to take a different route home thereby passing up a second visit to Herod.  Realizing that he had been duped, Herod ordered that all baby boys up to two years old be killed.  He rationalized that his order would protect his throne. The order was carried out.  The mothers of Juda mourned.

One morning last week, twenty twenty-first century innocents were shot.  The mothers and fathers of Sandy Hook, Connecticut mourned.  The killer killed himself making it impossible to even imagine a rationalization.  That evening, the churches in the town were packed with distraught towns people seeking for solace rather than for reason. They left, still grieving, but consoled by the presence of other seekers and with the hope that the Wisdom of the Ages would bring all things unto Himself and turn anger into caring,  bitterness into forgiveness, vanity into humility. Being human means that we do not have all of the answers.

“There are no atheists in fox holes.”

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