Global Warming

The holidays bring families together from all parts of the globe.  My family is no exception.  All who can possibly get to the meeting spot, get there.  At this point in my family, on both sides, we are three generations of adults coming together for at least one meal.  A high point of these gatherings around a table full of delicious food is the conversation.  In spite of geographical, educational and religious differences, we are, more or less, liberal politically and artistic temperamentally.

It use to be that the first question to be answered by each is, “What are you doing?”  Translated means, “How are you making a living?”  Since a few are retired and a few others are suffering from such Twenty-first Century illnesses such as panic attacks and manic-depression, that question has been deep-sixed.  Our conversation hovers around books, movies, plays, art exhibits, concerts and, of course, political, economic, and environmental problems facing the world.

This year, after expressing relief that President Obama is still in office, the initial political topics were gun control ( due to the shooting deaths of 20 children recently) and the “fiscal cliff” which might raise the taxes on those of us who pay taxes and which might lessen the government sponsored services depended on by a few of us. 

Given the fact that the youngest generation at the table was the one finishing college or out in the market place looking for and/or finding its first job, I was surprised to discover that the problem that the members of the youngest generation were most concerned about was global warming.  How nice to think that those of us in the oldest generation had produced active young minds concerned, not just about themselves, but concerned about people all over the world. How their concern will translate, I do not know.  But, I have hope that their thoughts and words will become viable actions. Perhaps we can save the planet yet.

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