Living Alone

Living alone has its advantages, especially if one has lived for seven decades accommodating the rules, wishes, desires, likes and dislikes of others.  A big advantage is the fact that you can make non-rules for yourself.  That means that you can leave dishes in the sink, your coat on the couch, the mail on the dining room table and your bed unmade without others doing the same, after which you are expected to pick up! Other advantages are, not only control of the remote, but the power to select the music and/or TV shows that you want to listen to or to watch.

The amazing thing about living alone is that you never have to be lonely.  Voices or music from the radio let you know that humans are around.  They entertain you, never question your judgement and never answer back.  For animated images, just turn on the TV.  You can sit and watch it for as long as you like; or, leave it on for back-ground noise.  At night, when the house is quiet and you’ve turned off the lights, you can imagine (or know) angels and other Good Spirits are watching over you while you sleep. Oh yes, some people prefer acquiring dogs or cats.

Your days are filled with meaningful work; volunteer projects; physical activities such as walking, riding a bike, swimming, yoga; spiritual activities like praying alone or in church; and/or intellectual activities like reading, writing, studying a new language, learning to throw pots, etc. – all of the above done without having to coordinate with someone else’s schedule.

The best thing of all about living alone is that you do not have to compromise!

Of course, if I opened the door to the house, after work, and saw my departed husband sitting body and soul in  his favorite chair, I would give him a big hug and ask him to stay as long as he liked.  As that is unlikely to  happen, I am content with his spirit and my freedom.

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