Task, Done; Me, Undone

  In this life time, my husband, an art professor and an artist, had several art shows and sold several works. He loved to create works based on natural shapes, especially trees and flowers.  His media were india ink, colored pencil on paper, at least during the last 15 or so years of his life. He was prolific, often working into the early morning.

As a result, after his death, he left many works waiting in our basement for some one to view them.  Because these works appeal to any viewer of art who uses the experience to up-lift his/her spirits, after much soul-searching and a little experimentation, I decided to work at  finding colleges and small museums that would accept a free and clear donation of about five original works each of my deceased husband. Today I mailed the last of the above described creations to three universities, bringing the total number of donation to a little less than one hundred. 

The process had its ups and downs. Of all of the downs, I did not expect the latest. Yesterday, knowing that most of my husband’s most beautiful and energetic works would no longer be with me, I felt a strong sense of loss.  After two years of cataloging, photo taking, framing, unframing, telephoning, delivering and/or mailing, rejection, acceptance, etc., I thought that I would be relieved. No, it seems that in a small way, I lost my husband all over again.  Fortunately, I kept examples of all of his works from the 1960’s through 2009.  This week-end, I plan to drag as many as possible that remain in the basement to hang on as many walls as are available in my home.  I know that the energy and love with which these images were created will lift my spirits and restore my soul.

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