This past week was not the most stellar for the Obama Administration.  Never mind the attempt to repeal the Medicare Laws, the breakdown of gun control laws, not to mention the controversy over drones killing people, especially the potential to kill American citizens.  Congress has added to its unflavorful stew concern over federal electronic oversight of the Associated Press and the IRS investigation of the “Tea Party” request for tax exemption.  The President tries to respond to each of these pleasantries with tact and diplomacy.  Sometimes I wish that he had just a touch of Chris Christi in his approach.  Or, I wish that the Democratic Party had a young Barney Franks or an old Tip O-Niel.  So, since I am so frustrated with the above, I thought that I would write about KFC.

It seems that the 1.7 million Palestinians living in the Gaza strip, cut off from Israel, Egypt and other Palestinians us an elaborate system of tunnels to get contraband of all sorts.  An enterprising entrepreneur from a small shop called Yamama – Arabic for pigeon -, established a fleet of motorcycles that uses some of those tunnels to bring the citizens of Gaza all manner of things that the they crave.  On such thing is Kentucky Fried Chicken.  For double the regular price, citizens of Gaza can order and receive buckets of chicken and bags of french fries from the Cornel himself. 

The “how” to get the order from Egypt to Gaza is not easy.  Among other things, it requires the delivery person to be lowered by rope 30 feet underground.  Of course, by the time the delivery arrives, everything must be re-heated.  Nevertheless, Kahlil Efrangi, the entrepreneur, does not lack orders for KFC fried chicken.  Is this a phenomenon of great advertizing, the resilience of the human spirit, or a little of both? Reality never ceases to amaze me.

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