Time Passes

Time passes.  We all know this to be true, at least in our perception of “time”.  Our children grow, our mobile phone becomes out-dated, the yogurt in the frig expires and, yes, the crows feet around our eyes expand.  We don’t seem to have any trouble recognizing the crows feet around our neighbor’s eye; but, we have a heck of a time admitting those wrinkles decorate our own faces.

Others, however, do recognize that we are not the same.  The kind ones begin to open the door for you, or speak a little slower and louder or offer a hand when there is no railing on the steps.  The more crass roll their eyes when you ask them to repeat themselves.  They do not seem to recognize that it is they who are speaking as if they have marbles in their mouths.  Professionals turn to your younger companion when explaining new procedures concerning your body! 

The US mail reminds you that AARP sells insurance, vacations for seniors are just a phone call away, hearing aids are on sale, or a free lunch is available just by visiting a retirement community – better yet, a free dinner awaits you at a seminar on setting up trusts.

The worst by far is being relegated to the “prayer list”.  Although all of the above have been true experiences for me, the following stopped me cold.  A few months ago, I attending on of those fund-raiser dinners (As a widow, I sometimes go just to have a night out with new people).  I believed in the cause and made a generous donation when the pledge cards came around.  I also volunteered to help young women who were considering abortion to make informed, moral decisions.  About three weeks ago, I received an e-mail from the organization thanking me for my donation and asking me to pray for a specific person.  About a week later, another e-mail from the same organization asked me to pray for a specific family.  Normally, when one thinks of a”prayer list” it is one that a person makes up to include special friends, family members, starving children, wars and/rumors of wars.  In this case, my age  precluded me from any active association with potential clients of the organization.  I was relegated to the “pray-for-them” list!  I have nothing against prayers or prayer lists.  After my initial shock, I did indeed pray for those for whom I was requested to pray.  I also thanked God that my current employers have no idea of my age!

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