Found Memories

The other day I started cleaning out the files of my dead husband.  In those files I was reminded of his many wonderful qualities through the many notes, letters and poems written by his junior college students.  Below is an excerpt from one student.

Our teacher, a keen-witted peter Pan, shows us how to fly.  “Be free!  Adults don’t play.  Be a child again!”  He frees us all and we take off in all directions.

In deed, he was a keen-witted Peter Pan.  Below are a few of his quotes:

I never trust anything I say since I know the source.

I’ve learned to tolerate my own presence.

Today is always gone tomorrow.

I am less than I appear to be but more than I am.

I wear a smile as today’s edifice, tomorrow’s necessity.

Another student wrote a long poem about him.  It is in one of the piles at my feet.  Sometimes to his detriment, my husband was never a man to hide his thoughts and feelings.  So many of his students attended, not only to what he said, but to who he was.  Like many good teachers, he left his mark.  Thus, he will always be present.

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