Changing Demographics

This week I read two statistics that gave me food for thought.  One was found in the column of a moderately conservative pundit.  The other, in a leftist magazine.  In an examination of the changing demographics of the United States the pundit stated that five-year olds living in the US of European ancestry represented a minority among that age group.  The second, from the magazine used a bar graph to indicated the growing number of hate crimes reported in the US.  The implication being that increasingly, those hate crimes were directed toward Muslim, although that was not stated specifically.

If the above is true, by the next generation, those of European descent in the US will be a minority. Will that demographic cause more hate crimes?  Will the white minority take up arms against the blended majority? If the rate of white males dropping out of mainstream society today, it is likely that paramilitary groups are more likely to evolve in a society where the unenlightened feel threatened by better educated non-christian people of color who, most likely, will dominate in the areas of economics and politics.

In the bar graphs mentioned previously, I noted that the number of hate crimes increased annually after Obama was elected president.  Is this fact a harbinger of things to come?

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