An “N” Word

Neo-nazism which began and continues to grow in prisons among white inmates, is now alive and well out side of prison confines.  Cells are all over the country.  They include white men and white women. Their presence as well as the rise in hate crimes since the election of Barak Obama raise some disturbing questions.  Do white men  in prison feel so threatened by inmates of color that they think that they need to resort to vigilantism for self-protection? Why do people who frequently break the law want a Fascist state? Does the more and more visible presence of Neo-Nazism encourage others to commit hate crimes? Is Neo-Nazism part of a back-lash of American citizens of European descent against people of color who will soon be the majority of American citizens?


Changes in human history are inevitable.  Let us hope that the five year-old descendents of Europeans who live in America today who are a minority, learn that all people of any color who believe in and practice common values can live in peace and freedom.  That would, of course, make them smarter and purer than any other generation.

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