The ACLU sent me a questionnaire that asked me to evaluate whether or not civil liberties are better or worse than they were eight or so years age.  Three of the categories that I was to judge were women’s’ rights (the abortion issue), homosexual rights ( gay marriage) and voting rights.  I have not decided to participate or not to participate.  The reason being that I do not like my choices.  It would seem that a simple “yes” or “no” should be sufficient.  But, no matter how the respondent answers, the instrument is too leftist leaning.  The data will be used to address political purposes. 

I consider myself a social liberal as I support health care reform for the working poor and/or the lower middle class, job creation, saving the environment, equal pay for  equal work, voting rights for all citizens, immigration reform.  However, I take issue with abortion and gay marriage.  The questionnaire reminds me of the kind of document that the “Tea Party” might use.

My junk mail is very confusing to the mail person, If, indeed, the mail person pays attention to such things.  I get mail from Planned Parenthood and The Right to Life; stock reports and Doctors without Boarders; Green Peace and pleasure travel by private jet.  Why the ACLU chose me, I do not know.  I have supported them with environmental causes but never with abortion.  Perhaps they are hoping that I will send in a donation along with the questionnaire.  The organization is going to have to stop “thumbing its nose” at those whom they consider reactionary before I will do that ever again.

My junk mail is very confusing.  I get

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