Higgs Boson, etc.

The workings of the physical world have interested me for almost as long as I can remember.  In first grade, I remember taking out “science” books from our classroom library.  The first physical phenomenon that captured my attention was refracted light.  The rainbow that it produced delighted me!  A few scores later and I am still fascinated by the workings of the physical world.  Two things of recent note tease my mind and lift my spirit.

The discoverer of what is refered to as Higgs Boson or”God Particle” recently received a Nobel Prize for finding itty-bitty particles that are ever-present in the entire universe.  They seem to float in space then energized, they collide to form infinitesimal amounts of matter. 

Nearly five years ago, a, what is now believed to be a human skull , was found in an ancient big cat’s lair in Georgia ( once part of the USSR).  The skull is 1.8 million years old.  It is definitely humanoid thus opening up new questions about the origin of the human species.  And, raising additional questions about when and how early humans left Africa.  Both of these discoveries lift my spirit.

The proliferation of atomic weapons and the melting of the Polar ice cap do not bode well for the human race.  We, so-called, bigger brained, enlightened humanoids now have the power to annihilate ourselves and to destroy our planet.  Nevertheless, lots of other things about the human condition and the natural world give me hope.  Most people still love and care for one and other on a daily basis; many people spend their lives praying to a universal God for wisdom and strength; others inform their fellow-man of the impending disaster; while others study and promote ways and means to prevent ultimate destruction. The future will reveal how much of the above works.  Even if the worst happens, those tiny energized particles will be around for a new beginning for, “In the beginning was the word…”.

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