The Race Reality

The reality in America today is that by the year 2043, as predicted, the majority of its citizens will be persons of color. Politically and economically, as this is being written, the race which wields the most power is the white race. Because more and more Black and Hispanic citizens are voting, their political power is growing. Conservative whites bitterly resist and resent this growing reality.

Historically, people in power always resist any threat to that power. This country is in for the many peeks and valleys of a new roller-coaster ride. This ride, however, is more dangerous than the metaphor implies. Those who are struggling against the inevitable are becoming strident. An example among the conservatives is the formation of the Tea Party; an example among the liberals is comparing the Tea Party with the Ku Klux Clan.

All of the above will not be forgotten nor forgiven for many years to come. Be assured that those who inevitably will come to power will “punish” those that for so long relegated them and their ideals to the rubbish bin. Let us hope that through it all, cooler, wiser heads will prevail. It would be terrible if the democratic ideals of Thomas Jefferson and the practical economic strategies of a young Henry Ford are lost in the media soaked and stoked emotionality of the early 21st century.

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