Calling All Eta-Earths

Eta-earths are planets out in space that are about the same size as earth and that fall in the Goldilocks zone – not too hot and not too cold, with water. restricting themselves to 42,000 well-behaved stars, Eric Petagura and his team from the University of California, Berkley, found 603 planets among which 10 might well be eta-earths.Using data sent back to earth from the Kepler probe, Dr. Petagura said about finding them, “It was a ton of work.” He and his team had to try out 10s of billions of different periods for each star. The team used a virtual computer model counting the blips each planet made passing its star. If the conditions on our rocky planet earth could eventually produce intelligent life, couldn’t eta-earths do likewise? Although the closest eta-earth if only 12 light years from our earth, will we figure out a way to get there before we drown ourselves or blow ourselves up? It seems as if it is too late to save some of us from drowning.

James Balog, using time-lapse photography, in his National Geographic video, Chasing Ice, shows just how far several glaciers in Alaska, Greenland and Iceland have receded in just two years. His video is not based on computer projections nor charts and graphs, but on actual time-lapse photography over a two-year period using several cameras in three different countries. Balog’s work provides uncontroversial proof of global warming. Further, he shows how cryocarbite, a mixture of Sahara sand, carbon dust from coal fires and alga bore holes in ice to loosen large chunks of ice from glaciers which eventually calve into the ocean. It is predicted that within a generation, nearly two million people will be homeless due to rising tides which will swamp their lands. “Calling eta-earth, calling eta-earth …”

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