Ferdinand Leger

There are times in one’s life when one feels joyful and free. That experience often occurs under a starry sky or walking on an empty beach or sitting in a huge cathedral. For the first time ever, I experienced that peaceful exhilaration in a museum. The exhibit that brought about this sense of euphoria was of the city scapes of Ferdinand Leger. His bold cubist influenced colorful canvases, for me, distilled the vitality and creative exploration of early twentieth century Paris. I did not have to be in the smoke filled cafes drinking absinth and coffee to be drunk on the energy of freedom of personal expression. Each painting, set design, short film, etc. gave me glimpse into the minds of all of those observers and interpreters of the modern city. The city did not frighten them. They accepted and embraced it, finding its essential vitality beneath smoke and grime. For one moment I joined them in a cross century improvised Dada street theater production in which all participants gave each other spiritual and carnal pleasure. What a moment!

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