Twists and Turns

There are many twists and turns in life. Some like a twisted chain retrieved from your jewelry box or your favorite jeans pried from the ringer in your washer are just annoying. Others, like having a terrible accident in the prime of life which leaves you unable to hold any job, let alone six figure job that you had, compounded by Obama Care. Your pension is gone, you do not qualify for Medicare yet, you lost the health insurance that you paid for because you collect from your SSI and your very limited portfolio a little more than the cut-off for a federally approved insurance plan. But, the government passes a budget, unemployment figures go down, the economy grows by 4% and the stock market goes up 200 points. However, none of that good stuff impacts on you. Your dividends have gone up, true, not enough to off-set the amount that you now must pay for your own health insurance. No wonder so many voters are annoyed with the new health insurance plan.

Under those and similar circumstances it is difficult to see the bigger picture. Under the federal health insurance plan, 90% of the people who had no health insurance can get health insurance now. Let’s hope that those who qualify make proper use of the plan. In that way, the lines in emergency rooms will untwist so that everyone will get efficient, timely medical care. This is “unsocialism” at its best? worst?

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