The Kids Are Not Alright

The Kids Are Not Alright

In spite of the fact that condoms are distributed in many high schools, Planned Parenthood boasts 300,000 abortions a year, the “morning after pill” is available to almost any female over 15, half a million human babies a year are born from unintended pregnancies. In spite of the fact that we know that children from two parent families survive and thrive better than children from one parent families, most of the 500,000 are born into one parent families. In this country, single parenthood usually means that the children in such families live in poverty. That means that the one parent is so busy worrying how to feed, clothe and house her (usually “her”) off-spring that that person has no time to talk or read to the pre-school child, simple activities that stimulate brain growth and function.

The school systems supported by tax dollars can provide the child with basic social skills and basic educational skills. A child coming from a stressful home where Mom is struggling to maintain a household and, in many cases, a “boyfriend”, the development of the child’s prefrontal cortex is stunted making it hard for him/her to practice self-control at home or in school. As the child grows, the problems facing the now teen-ager grow. The adolescent in turn creates greater problems for him/her self, the parent and society. According to Sawhill, only 57% of all 19 year olds in the US pass the low bar of: graduating from high school with a 2.5 GPA, not having been convicted of a crime and are not pregnant. With these statistics, American is a third rate country.

How about some radical changes? What if couples signed up to take on an unintended birth. That is, a couple – it could be a married couple, a brother and sister, a mother and daughter, two cousins, two friends, etc. The criteria for the couple might include that both members were of age, had no criminal record, had steady employment, only reasonable debts (mortgage payment, car insurance), were citizens, and practiced good, demonstrable social skills, i.e., voted regularly, practiced the Ten Commandments – well, at least the last seven, volunteered at soup kitchens, etc. The other radical change would be that any birth parent that could not prove by past behavior that she/he could provide a safe, loving environment for the child must sign over the child to one of the couples willing to raise the child. Yes, it might be painful; but, life is full of pain. Why perpetrate it on a helpless baby? Are we humans, or are we rabbits?

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