Oligarchs vs. Selfies

If it weren’t so sad; it would be funny. Recently one of the super rich Koch brothers stated that one of the reasons that he contributed so much to right wing political issues was, “Somebody has got to work to save the country and preserve a system of opportunity.” Opportunities for what – to create nothing by merging companies; to bundle mortgages to ruin the real estate market; to hide assets in off-shore banks; to avoid paying taxes by contributing to political causes which only benefit those who have cunningly made piles of money? Perhaps Mr. Koch means to save the country from the findings of a recent Gallop Poll which discovered that 43% of young people between the ages of 19 – 31 do not have religious nor political affiliations. These same youth do not seem to be interested in anything but communicating with each other through social media. Charles Blow says that they are called “selfies”. Into whom or what will they evolve? Examples of super rich people using their wealth to elect politicos who will create laws that cuts social programs while at the same time creating laws that protect the assets of the super rich smacks of retaining the right wing status quo, a rational for the “selfies” to continue being fixated with adolescents.

Personally, I dislike the immature, lazy “selfies” as much as the super rich who use the world’s assets to make and to protect their own. Neither do this country, nor humanity in general, much good. The danger is that while the super rich control more and more of the nation’s wealth and while the numbers of “selfies” wallowing in the slough of despond increases, the moral middle class, the “salt of the earth”, will slowly shrink away. That is certainly food for thought and – maybe a little action?

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