A Son Who Is a Friend

An unusual thing happened this evening. At 9:00 p.m., I received a phone call from a new friend who informed me that he could not accompany me on a trip that we had planned for weeks. This decision came at a very awkward time as we were to leave tomorrow morning. I have made this trip before; but never alone. I do not mind the driving; I do not like driving alone for five hours. How a grown man could do such a thing to a “friend”, I don’t know. My main concern, however, is not the “why” but the “how”. How to find another companion, that is.

Within the hour, I had another companion, my son. He was able to arrange his schedule, work and otherwise, to accompany me. This might be another kind of challenge as we have never traveled together for more than a day or two. My son is willing to step into this new experience. So am I. A friend is a friend in need. Sometimes a family member is just the right friend.

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