More than Eating Right

I have a friend who has trouble digesting his food. After every meal with his girl friend, he downs as many anti-acids as possible in order to continue with the day, or to fall asleep. Another friend thinks that the first friend’s problem is “the girl friend”. He may have a point as the first guy only appears with women who are intelligent, good looking, needy and young. I’ve never heard the fellow say that he was in love with any of his “girl friends”. He just says that without someone (intelligent, good looking, needy and young) he feels lonely. After six years of “hanging out” his intelligent-good looking-needy-young friend told him to take a hike. Now, I thought was the perfect opportunity to suggest that he try something other than anti-acids to calm his indigestion. Here is the advice that I gave him:

1. Relax before each meal by taking slow, deep breaths and by saying a silent Grace.
2. Eat slowly, chewing each bite thoroughly.
3. Keep the conversation pleasant.
4. Make some pretence to stand up and move about in about the middle of the meal.
5. Never over-eat, nor eat foods that you know give you heart-burn.
6. After leaving the restaurant, walk a bit, or do a few stretches before sitting down again.
7. Eat 3 or 4 pieces of licorice or eat a piece of ginger candy.
8. If #7 does not settle your stomach within a few minutes, put two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar into 8 oz. of warm water and sip slowly.
9. If your stomach continues to rebel, see a medical doctor or a psychologist.

I just couldn’t suggest that he try dating women closer to his own age. He is intelligent, good looking, incredible able in many endeavors (mathematics, carpentry, guitar playing, golf, plumbing, etc.) and not so young. Virile is as virile does. Having a very young woman on one’s arm is delusional. Sometimes smart people aren’t so smart.
Maybe is he changed his diet?

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