Just Think for a Minute

A week ago, or so, the NYT ran a picture of President Obama standing alone looking out over a body of water. I believe that the shot was taken while Mr. Obama was on his Asian tour. Boy, did he look lonely. He may have been thinking of how little progress this tour was making. In fact a day later, the President was quoted as saying something like. “Some times you hit a single or a double, not a homerun.” Did he take a beating, not only from the conservative press, but from the liberal press as well. Many of my friends interpreted this quote as, “another example of the President being wishy-washy”. Let the man think for a minute. I prefer a little thought rather than some glib little sound bite that is flashed around the world, remembered for 24 hours then loaded onto the trash heap of the irrelevent.

I know that my preferance is not popular with those who prefer politicans who tell the audience what they want to hear, even if they contradict themselves two days later. I can think of at least one world leader who has no trouble playing fast and loose with the truth of anything that comes out of his mouth. I even remember one world leader who took off a shoe in public and banged on a desk for emphasis. Let’s see. What was his name?

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