The Middle East, Again

It seems that the Middle East is all stired up again. Syria, Iraq, and Afganistan apparently have more money than they know what to do with. They have plenty of men. So why not buy – let us not think about from whom – arms and amunition, put them into the hands of the unemployed, call it a holy war (two theological camps within the same religion) and cause 51 million people to be unsettled. What a dandy dish, “to set before the king,” if they had a king, or a president or a prime minister whom they respected enough to work with together toward peace.

As the only super power (for the moment) what is our moral obligation to the 51 million people caught up in termoil they did not choose, nor want? Will the waring sects ever be able to forgive each other or themselves? The Rowandans appear to have done so after years of tribal fighting. But, the Rowandans were left with a population of 70% women. Is there just too much testosterone and too little time?

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