HIgh School, Again

At the beginning of WWII, President Franklin Roosevelt said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” In an interview with Thomas Friedman, President Barrack Obama said, “The only force that can really weaken us is us.” The first president named above was speaking to a public recently engaged in a hot war with the Axis powers. The current president is referring to the kind of dysfunctional politics being practiced in Washington today. He used the words “maximalist positions” comparing the Republicans and the Democrats in congress today to the Israelis and the Palestinians. He urged all to practice the newly coined maxim, “no victor; no vanquished” to arrive solutions that all can live with.

That phrase or maxim is open to many interpretations. Is it another way of saying that we must learn to compromise? Does it mean that right or wrong should be eliminated from the political arena? Is the phrase merely psychobabble applied to national and international politics? Does it mean that everyone is a victim and a perpetrator? Does this mean that no one is responsible for any thing? The kind of posturing that goes along with “maximalist positions” reminds me of high school social jockeying or youth pandering television programs.

Do we need a big flood in order to start over again? Where is Noah when you need him?

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