A New Baby

The arrival of a new grandniece in Colorado, gave me an excuse to visit that state. The last time that I was in Colorado about forty years ago, I did drive in a speeding Jaguar through the mountains and I did flirt with the banjo player at a local bar. But, that was many years ago. A great deal of water has gone under the bridge since those days. This time, even though Colorado is one of two states in which the sale of marijuana for personal use is legal, my activities were confined to playing with a three month old, walking around a college town and going to church.

Playing with a three month old is a learning experience for both the player and the playee (a made-up word). The little one is learning to focus on objects and activities around her; the great-aunt is figuring out how to manipulate her own hands and arms in front of those inquiring eyes in order to enlighten and to entertain. It did not take the baby long to figure out which adult in the room was entirely devoted to odd but interesting positions and noises.

No, I did not talk “baby” talk but I did sing a few classics to the point that the baby’s father turned on the CD player. Oh, well, the baby seemed to like my renditions.

At one point, I took the baby outside to point out the trees and the clouds. She seemed fascinated by the clouds. She focused on one then the other, spending, what seemed like several minutes on each. I began to wonder if she could see them moving.

This little gal will give her parents a run for their money in a few months. She hardly ever stops moving. Her arms and legs are always going. I like to think that I observed her making a discovery. She was lying in a hammock type baby thing that had two plastic monkeys on a bar across the top. The monkeys would swing if they were pushed. The little one is still very uncoordinated at almost three months. Every once in a while, her left hand would hit the green monkey causing the monkey to swing back and forth. This is probably just great aunt wishful thinking, but, I swear, she focused on that monkey and deliberately began to hit him! If nothing else, she is going to have a great left hook!

Even though my niece and her husband have jobs for which they are seriously over qualified that seems to be the norm in that part of Colorado. They, like many other young couples, live in the state because they like the out-door life style. They are liberal about many things, especially those things involving the environment. However, don’t mention gun control! (I suppose all of us are a mass of contradictions.) Nevertheless, my great niece has loving parents who want her to grow in an environment that values clean air, organic vegetables, open spirituality and great aunts that take them out to diner.

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