Children Suffering

The UNICEF report on the status of children released early this month quoted the head of the agency, Anthony Lake as saying, “Never in recent memory have so many children been subjected to such unspeakable brutality.” Lake was referring to the number of children subjected to the evils of war.

At least 15 million children are entangled in violent conflicts, 10 million in Syria and Iraq alone. This last statistic threw me into a tailspin. Doesn’t ISIS, and other Middle East terrorists groups, realize what they are doing to their own children? Just think of all of the money being spent on weapons being spent on nutrition and education for the children of those countries. Isn’t caring for “widows and orphans”, often the weakest members of society, a tenant of Islam, the religion professed by those destroying the elements of life in the Middle East? How can one group go on Jihad while millions of their own suffer? Ironically, it is the “Infidels” who are sustaining the children of the Jihadists. Doesn’t that bring shame and humiliation to those who continue to excuse their own warmongering toward an amorphous enemy of past perceived injustices?

Please, gentleman, go home and take care of your families.

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