The other day I read that a group of atheists started meeting at a specific time and place where the group enjoyed the fellowship of each other. The article went on to say that human beings need fellowship and ritual. These meetings seemed to meet the above needs of this group. While I have no argument with the human need for fellowships and ritual, I believe that the core of that need is missing. For millennia like-minded humans have been meeting in groups in fellowship to practice ritual around a central object, belief or spirit. It is called religion. I can’t wait to see what the atheists decide is their central theme or object. Can it be any more ephemeral than the state of Nirvana of the Buddhists or the doctrine-lessness of the Unitarians? Twenty-first Century man/woman has mastered so many terrors of human existence – darkness, extreme heat, or cold, polio, slavery, etc. Perhaps our mastery makes us too proud to recognize a greater power who loves us and will help us just for the asking. Guess who I mean.

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