Prayer Made Simple

I grew up in large, extended family of baptized Roman Catholics. Our immigrant grand parents and our first generation parents remained faithful to this ancient religion. The second generation, enjoying post World War II financial up-ward mobility, the Civil and Women’s Rights emphasis on freedom to follow one’s own aspirations and the pseudo-liberation from traditional values, has drifted away from Catholicism. A few still practice the Faith and others move in and out of various religious denominations. However, among those cousins, also, my siblings, with whom I have contact, all are on a spiritual journey. Scattered throughout the country, we rarely see each other, much less discuss religion. Some have web-sites or face book pages which, I confess, I never review. So, while this had to be a long time in the making, I was surprised when I heard that a cousin had written a book called, Prayer Made Simple.

One of the last times that I saw this cousin was years ago in a hospital corridor. This cousin had recently married for the third time. I remember asking her if she were happy. She replied, “Yes.” Apparently this marriage gave my cousin what she needed, the love, security and time to grow in spirit. In reviewing her book, I believe the spiritual journey of this woman has lead her to a life of contemplation. She is a modern day contemplative. My prayer for her is that her journey will eventually include the sustaining grace of encounter with the Eucharist.

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