Family Vacation

While my spouse was alive, my sisters and their spouses and my husband and I would vacation together every five years. Since all of us married within six weeks of each other, these vacations served as anniversary celebrations. This summer for the first time ever, all of us siblings, including my brother, will vacation together. Our gathering will be a kind of celebration as I am using two weeks of my timeshares for the last time. Although my husband and I purchased those two weeks in perpetuity, the truth is that since my husband’s passing, paying the maintenance fees and finding suitable companions for those two weeks has become an annoyance that I can do without. Hence, knowing that timeshares rarely resell and never cover maintenance costs, I gave my fully paid timeshares back to the original owner. Fortunately, I can use the two weeks this years at the same time and in close proximity. As a result, those two units plus one simultaneous rental will give the family plenty of room to spread out and to enjoy all that the Jersey Shore has to offer.

The above scenario, the sale of my home of 35 years and the distribution of all my special objects d’art, mark the end of an era. This coming family vacation will, for me, mark the beginning of a new era in my life. All previous eras have brought me more good graces than sorrows. I look forward to the future with grateful anticipation.

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