Women’s Liberation?

Decades of the freedom that all of the above provided, has not produced the kind of society that the pundits of the 70’s promised. Yes, more women have broken through the glass ceiling; there are more women enrolled in college today than men; in the public sector and, in some parts of the private sector, women are paid equally with men. However, it seems to this observer that working class women have been sliding further and further into a morass of social and moral corruption all in the name of individual freedom. Women’s Liberation has liberated lower and middle class (economic) men from family responsibility. Too many men in this group have become dependent on women to meet their physical needs, sexual as well as those of food, clothing and shelter. Ironically, the women have accepted these demands as social mores of the day! I saw this in a microcosm the other day.

Needing a hair-cut, but not wishing to drive to my regular Hair Cuttery, I stopped at one very close to my home. As a “walk in” I had to wait for the next available operator. During that fifteen minutes, I over heard several casual conversations between cutters and clients. No one was complaining; no one was outraged. It seemed that all were just telling bits of the narratives which were their every day lives. Among the four women between the ages of 25 and 35, all had one child below 10. None were married to the fathers of those children. One told the story of her daughter standing on the shoes of the man that she introduced to her as (the mother’s) husband. Another told of her daughter climbing into bed with her instead of her own bed where they slept in (the mother’s) father’s attic. Another said that her kindergarten age son was always scared. Then casually repeated the time that she and her boy friend, while watching “American Sniper”, fell asleep on the couch. In the meantime, her son crept out of bed and into the living room where he watched the end of “American Sniper”. The fourth young woman, a client, reminded her son who had received a hair cut to thank the operator before they left the shop. All of these young women seemed to love their children. All seemed to accept the fact that they were the sole financial and emotional support of these children as perfectly normal. I find this disheartening. Women’s Liberation intended to free women from subjugation of all kinds. Have we exchanged one kind of tyranny to another of our own making? Why is it that some live the dream and others live the delusion?

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