Can a rallying cry of “democracy and freedom” unite a group of disparate nations into a force against the recruitment of terrorists? In today’s world such a cry connotes a political agenda. Youth who have grown up in a cynical, secularist society with democracy and freedom have the right to follow their dreams and goals through education or any other legitimate means. They also have the ability to pursue states of euphoria brought on through excessive use of alcohol and illegal drugs. Not to mention remain in a constant state of electronic communication through which they may send pictures of their faces and other parts of their anatomy out into the universe. Western youth take democracy and freedom for granted.

However, among them is a sub-group disaffected through circumstances and/or their own personalities who seek a means to over power the mainstream. These young men, particularly, deceive themselves into following a “higher calling”. They are prime candidates for extremist groups; they are the recruits of ISIS. They will continue to be recruits as long as and until the Western world can create a society that values things of the spirit rather than those of the flesh; that respects the sacrifices of their ancestors rather than the money made by movie stars; that seeks to be and to act truly compassionate rather than to shed momentary tears over a dead puppy; that respects all human life rather than even consider self centered decisions over abortion and/or euthanasia. The spirit of politicos is willing but Gallop Polls and popular pundits weaken resolve. I hope and pray that the American youth of today will never have to physically defend the democracy and freedom that they use and abuse. I hope and pray that the ancient rallying cry to “Love God and neighbor” will inspire each of us, including main stream and marginalized youth, to make the best decisions for the human family.

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