Snow Day Thoughts

This is a day when I feel all cozy and warm as I look out of any window in my apartment to the whitening landscape below. Although the landscape has been white for several weeks this winter, right now, it is being re-powdered with several inches of tiny snowflakes. A few minutes ago, I caught a mother and two small children, all home due to the storm, outside making snow angels! The older I get, the more I am moved to tears by such tender domestic scenes.

These moments at least temporarily erase nagging world problems like the fact that in two months Sal Paulo, a Brazilian city of 20 million, will run out of water; that 20 Coptic Christians were beheaded in Egypt last week; that the Supreme Court right here in the US may disqualify 20 million Americans from inexpensive health care. Sometimes, voting for the best person, signing the right petitions and praying for just causes do not seem to be enough. Then I think that if myself and countless others did not send good vibes into the universe, the earth would have imploded long ago.

From the sublime to the ridiculous – a friend suggested that I write a review on fast foods. I am not now nor ever have been a fast food junkie. However, as a retired older person who sometimes finds herself far afield at lunchtime, I have discovered ways to take in a little protein at critical times during the day. It seems that the older we get, the more protein, but the less carbohydrates we need. If you should find yourself needing a pick-me-up, but not wanting to spend much time nor money, here are a few items that will provide needed protein and, in my opinion, taste good: Wendy’s chili, McDonald’s small hamburger, Burger King’s cod fish, or Wawa’s tuna wrap. You do not have to accompany any of them with fries or soda. The accompaniments may enhance your taste buds, but they will only add to your waistline. If you make your own healthy breakfast and supper, a fast food protein packed lunch won’t hurt you. Well, it won’t hurt me; you be your own judge.

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