The World Has Changed

Many years ago when I was a young woman trying to establish myself in my career while searching for a loving relationship, a phenomenon was occurring to which I paid little attention. The autoworkers in Detroit were going on strike. The Big Three car manufacturers would not negotiate in good faith. Within a few years there was nothing to negotiate. The Japanese automakers took over the market; the Big Three were no longer “big”. The automakers in the US were out of jobs; the government established programs to retrain them.

Nearly 50 years later, the retraining program, originally too little too late – never a success- is now gone. The US president, a Democrat and a supporter of the retraining program was defeated by his own party members in an attempt to secure the ability to negotiate with Asian manufacturers while retaining the retraining program in order to continue to help factory workers in the US. It seems that American manufacturing workers are being shot in the foot again. While well meaning, the federal government has tried to help those workers over the objections of most Republicans in and out of politics. Once American, now global big business the cause of declining manufacturing jobs in the US, had and has the ability to improve manufacturing job opportunities in the US, but the lives of their workers are not a top priority.

The world has changed. The global economy is here to stay; foreign nationals control many American business. The general public and all politicians better get use to it. Everybody needs to put on his/her thinking cap to stay up with the pack, or perhaps get ahead of the pack.

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