President Obama has begun the last quarter of his two-term presidency. After six years of battles with the legislature over such things as troop withdrawal, health care, energy policies, immigration reform, Pacific rim trade negotiations, and gay rights, just this week the Supreme Court vindicated the president’s belief in himself and his policies by supporting the health care law which provides federally backed health care insurance to 6,000,000 low wage earners. In addition, the highest court in the land concluded 5 to 4 that same sex couples may marry in all 50 United States. Probably, in the long run and, in spite of Democratic opposition, the most critical decision allows the president permission to negotiate trade agreements with Far East countries.

Barak Obama, the man and the president, has been accused of being too standoffish and too intellectual in matters of diplomacy, policy and decision making. It has been my opinion that for most of his term in office, this President has not been given the respect that his office demands from the politicians in Washington, the Republican Party, and too many, “men (women) on the street”, not to mention the far right press and/or pundits. Fortunately, the nine judges, most of whom come from conservative backgrounds, support the above initiatives of the current Man in the White House. Thank goodness the members of the Supreme Court looked at the facts, just the facts, before making the above decisions. I salute the Court for seeing beyond the general perception of personality and for publicly giving the President and his policies the respect deserved.

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