One would think that having spent two weeks traveling 5000 miles by train and bus through 6 National Parks in the West, this writer would have a great deal to say. Actually, I have very little to say except that the United States has lots of rolling landscapes and several unusual geological features that should be experienced by all. The rolling plaines, both the northern and southern ones remind the viewer of the courageous men and women who who trudged through them, or made their homes on them. Even today, the area appears desolate for miles.

The geological features of the Western Parks are powerful reminders of the works of nature and the God who controls it. Ironically, these wonders of nature made accessible for the most part by the WPA of 1930’s, are enjoyed by millions of people from around the world, 40% of whom come from outside of the US. A double irony is the fact that for those two weeks I felt more like I was in a foreign country that when I’ve been abroad in Europe, China or India.

This foreign feeling probably had more to do with my fellow travelers than it did with the terrain. Most of them were mid-westerners who lived in small communities or on large plots of land. They were cooly polite, would do any neighborly thing necessary, never complained about any inconvenience and seemed to enjoy some of the worst food that I’ve ever eaten. So much for exploring the western National Parks and the 15 or so mid-western states that we traveled through. From now on I’ll stick to the Megapolis of the East coast, or fly to Chicago for refreshment of cultural and mental stimulus.

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