Everyone justifies little indiscretions such as throwing a dirty tissue into the gutter or ignoring, the sign that says,“Separate the trash from the plastic containers”. Some of us ignore the voice that tells us not to spread gossip about a co-worker or the one that reminds us that we made a vow of fidelity at marriage. We justify those and other similar actions by telling ourselves that this is only one indiscretion out of hundreds of times in which we did the right thing. Nations justify breaking treaties by proclaiming that a hundred years ago the parcel of land in question belonged to them; law makers justify abortion laws by stating that the population is too big, or legal abortion will save the lives of women.

Christians and Jews have used the Bible to justify such things as slavery and homophobia, not to mentions “smiting” one’s enemies, for millennium. In the Twentieth century, Hitler justified conducting experiments on and/or killing a race of people that he considered inferior. Most of us in the Twenty-first century think that our freedom of choice absolves us from any kind of rationalization for any act, justifying it by saying things like, “It didn’t hurt any body. We in the Western world often act in a licentious way justifying what we have done in the name of freedom through intelligent, informed choice. We eschew the moribund restraints of religion or ethical philosophies. We even ignore scientific data when it limits our freedom of choice, e.g., taking illegal drugs is bad for one’s physical and mental health.

One of the most diabolical justifications today, like Attila the Hun, has come out of the East. Using the Quran, ISIS has revived slavery, especially the slavery and rape of women from a small Muslim minority called the Yazidi. Because the people of this Muslim minority are not people of the Book (Christians and Jews are) and because the Yazidi seem to have added a second god, they are super infidels. To enslave and rape these women is an act pleasing to Allah. Devout Sunnis are encouraged to pray before and after each rape. Like the misuse of the internet, this latest abomination is used to lure young men into joining ISIS.

Sexual slavery is probably as old as the oldest profession. But, by twisting the tenants of one of the oldest monotheistic religions to entice ignorant (not stupid) young men to join a group of political and religious radicals is an insult to Moses, Jesus, and Mohammad and to God Himself. To me, ISIS is like a group of modern day devils who found a house at least partially clean of previous devils, entered it, and became worse than the first. For this, there is no justification. “Jesus wept.”

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